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Clevr Blends

SuperLattes Starter Kit

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Fulfilled by our friends at Clevr Blends

Morning magic, guaranteed ✨  Pair your two favorite SuperLattes with our epic re-chargable frother for perfect latte prep, every time.

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The Matcha: Zen-like energy. Amazing for days when you need long-lasting focus, or want to skip coffee. Matcha is single-origin, shade grown, stone-ground and Organic.

The Chai: 7 whole-ground, Organic spices and a gentle energy boost from masala black tea. Like a warm hug in a mug.

The Golden: Single-farm, heirloom turmeric from Diaspora Co, with warming Organic spices. Spicy, a little sweet, with anti-inflammatory powerhouse combo turmeric + black pepper. 

The Coffee: All energy, no jitters. Organic Arabica coffee from a co-operative in Colombia that funds sustainability programs in its communities. 

The Frother: This nifty re-chargable milk frother is hands down our favorite way to prep Clevr! Makes a smooth, creamy latte + perfect microfoam in 10 secs flat.


  • Our mushrooms are the highest quality we could find anywhere, and oh did we search! They’re organically grown in China in open-sided greenhouses filled with natural light and fresh air—not in a lab. They’re also grown on the natural materials on which they’d grow in the wild—not on grains or rice. This, along with rigorous testing for for their active ingredients, ensures they live up to their amazing health claims.

    Our Ashwagandha is organically grown in Rajasthan, India, and is backed by 15 double-blind, placebo clinical trials that prove its magical properties (like improving cognitive focus and reducing stress + anxiety). It’s also the highest concentration extract available in the world.
  • There’s 4 ways to get Clevr, they all take about 30seconds.

    FROTH with hot water using a handheld milk-frother—our favorite way to mix it up!

    STIR your blend with a couple ounces hot water, stir until smooth. Add the remaining water.

    SHAKE with hot water in a thermos. Make sure the lid is on tight!

    BLEND on low for 10 seconds. Works hot or cold!

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