Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

This notice and the options below apply only to California residents.

If you are a California resident, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides you with the right to opt out of the “sale” of your Personal Information (as defined in our Privacy Notice for California Residents).

Phenomenal LLC does not sell your Personal Information in exchange for money.  However, we use services that help deliver interest-based ads to you and may transfer Personal Information to business partners for their use, which may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA.

To request that Phenomenal LLC not sell or transfer your Personal Information, please use the form below or email [] with your first and last name and your zip code.  You may still see some advertising that is not directed to you based on your Personal Information and we may use Personal Information for other purposes, such as analytics.  Please visit our Privacy Notice for California Residents and Privacy Policy for more information about how we use and share your Personal Information.

If you have any other questions or requests, please contact []


Please Note: If you have not made a purchase on Phenomenal Woman, we do not collect or use your information for advertising purposes. You do not need to fill out the below form.

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