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"BAKING BY FEEL: Recipes to Sort Out Your Emotions" Cookbook

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  • Hardcover

From the creator of the popular Instagram account @thesweetfeminist, otherwise known as Becca Rea-Tucker, comes a wholly unique and playful (yet soulful) guide to baking your way through your emotions. 


From pro-abortion pies to prison abolitionist sugar cookies, Becca’s never shied away from adorning her baked goods with her opinions, including her belief that all feelings are valid and deserve to be fully experienced–sometimes through the act of baking.


 The book features Becca’s Baking by Feel Emotions Wheel–whose core categories are happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, and hope (with another 65 subcategories along the wheel). And BAKING BY FEEL is emotionally agnostic. In other words: whatever you’re feeling, it’s 100 percent OK–no feeling is “good” or “bad.”


Becca Rea-Tucker’s first foray into baking came in the form of licking the cookie dough off the beaters while watching her grandma make chocolate chip cookies. She is a baker, recipe writer, feelings lover, and strong-willed voice behind the oft-shared Instagram account @thesweetfeminist. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband.